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How Can I Help?

Post Prom cannot be a success without our volunteers and sponsors! There are many ways that you can support making this event a success. Come join our Post Prom Committee or find another way to contribute to the 2023 PTSA PHS Post Prom!

Find out More about the Food, Fun & Prizes we have planned!

We have more information for you on how to help if you are:

Questions? Check out our FAQs

Contact us any time


Support Our $20.23

2023 Post Prom
Planning Meetings

Contact us if you'd like to join the team! Email!

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PHS Staff, Parents and Students


We encourage PHS Staff, Parents and Students to get involved with the PTSA PHS Post Prom by Volunteering your time and talents!


We have lots of opportunities for you to contribute to the success and FUN of this event!

Just a few ways you can get involved:

  • Help with planning the event - deciding on themes, activities, food and decorations

  • Help get the word out to the community to find donations and sponsors

  • Help promote the event within the PHS community of students


Help make Post Prom a Success


We would love to have you on our team, we are looking for donations from local businesses, friends, family and the entire PHS community.

Our first campaign is to ask that all PHS families donate to our 2022 campaign.  That is if each PHS family from Freshman to Seniors would donate $20.22, just twenty dollars and twenty cents will go a long way in meeting our fundraising goal!

You can also donate throughout the next 6 months by purchasing prize items, to be given away at the Post Prom event, from our Amazon Wish List.


Local Businesses


Would you like to become a PHS Post Prom Sponsor? We accept donations in kind of prizes, food, decorations etc.  We also accept monetary donations.

We have many different levels of sponsorship:


Bronze Donor ($500-$1499)
Acknowledgement on Facebook, Instagram and PHS Post Prom Website plus, Company name on a Board of Appreciation at Post Prom and at PHS


Silver Donor($1500-$2499)
Above recognition plus: Company Name and/or Logo on a shared banner at Post Prom and PHS


Gold Donor ($2500-$4999)
Above recognition plus: A personalized Appreciation Plaque for business, if desired


Post Prom Sponsor $5000 +
Above recognition plus: Company Name and/or Logo on a Banner at Post Prom and PHS

Visit our Donor Recognition page.

Please consider shopping from our

PHS 2023
Post Prom Committee

Please contact us at with any questions.

  • Post Prom Co-Chairs: Jacqueline Zeranski,  Lynn Schaeber

  • Post Prom Student Chair: TBa

  • Fundraising Coordinator: Lynn Schaeber

  • PTSA Board Sponsor:

  • Food Committee: TBD

  • Raffle & Prize Committee: Holly Fiery

  • Volunteer Committee: TBD

  • Event Games Coordinator: TBD

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