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Post Prom: what, where, when and why:
The PHS PTSA Post Prom begins at 11:30PM following the Prom (@Rockville Hilton) at Poolesville High School and ends at 5:00AM.  All attendees must arrive to Post Prom by midnight.  Only PHS Juniors/Seniors and their guests may attend, but Juniors/Seniors do not have to attend the Prom to be welcomed at Post Prom.  We provide a safe, alcohol-free event for students, filled with lots of activities, entertainment, food, and raffle prizes that help them avoid the temptation and consequences of underage drinking at this high-risk time.  Find out more about the Food, Fun & Prizes we have planned to make this a memorable night for all of our PHS Post Prom attendees!
How do kids get from Prom to Post Prom?
After Prom is over, students must make their own transportation arrangements.  Some students may stop at home after the Prom to change their clothes.  We are looking into the possibility of bus transportation from Prom (@Rockville Hilton) to Post Prom (@PHS).  All bags, backpacks, etc. will be checked by our security team upon arrival after students have had an opportunity to change if they chose to in our dedicated changing rooms.

Can I bring my backpack and prom clothes into the Post Prom?
There will be a parent-run bag check at the PHS Post Prom, but PHS PTSA is not responsible for lost or stolen items. There will be access to a bathroom as a dedicated changing room at PHS Post Prom. 

I want to volunteer, how do I find out what is needed?
If you are interested in helping with fundraising, ticket sales or planning the Post Prom, please contact the Post Prom Committee at  You can also check out our How Can I Help page for more information on opportunities to contribute to making this event a success. Check out our current Volunteer Sign Ups.   

My Junior/Senior does not want me to be at Post Prom, but I want to volunteer! 
Explain to your Junior/Senior that Post Prom depends on the volunteer efforts of PHS parents.  You will be busy as will your teen and there will be so many people that your Junior/Senior may only catch a glimpse of you, if at all. There are many other ways to get involved and help other than helping on that night! You can also check out our How Can I Help page for more information on opportunities to contribute to making this event a success. Volunteer Sign Ups will be posted as volunteers are needed.   

My Junior/Senior wants to host a separate party.  What do I do?
Have a breakfast after the Post Prom.  The kids can go to your house after Post Prom, eat, talk and sleep the rest of Saturday away! 


Are there county rules about hosting parties for teens?

Yes. Alex and Calvin's Law was passed by the Governor in May of 2016.  You can read more about the laws passage in this Washington Post article. Also, the Montgomery County Keeping it SAFE: Under Twenty-One Alcohol Prevention Coalition partners with MCPD and other community organizations to keep students safe and making smart decisions about drugs and alcohol. 

What if my Junior/Senior needs to take a date home early or pick up a friend, can he or she return to Post Prom?
No.  Once a student leaves the Post Prom, he or she MAY NOT return.  This policy, although harsh, is absolutely necessary to keep all of our kids safe.  If your Junior/Senior would like to stay at Post Prom longer than his or her date, it is better to prearrange a ride home for the date.  There are no exceptions to this rule. If a student leaves something important in their car, they will be escorted by security/administrator to retrieve their belongings.  

If the kids get tired, do they have to stay until 5:00 a.m.?
No.  It’s a long night for everyone, and we recognize that it has been an exhausting week for the kids!  Our goal is to provide a safe and entertaining environment after the Prom.  They are free to leave before 5:00 a.m., but they will miss out on much of the fun and the many prizes that will be raffled throughout the evening, including the best prizes that are raffled at the end of the evening.

Why is PHS having a Post Prom? 

To provide an exciting party for our students allowing them to celebrate after the Prom in a safe environment, keeping them off of the roads and away from negative forms of entertainment.   According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than half of all fatal traffic crashes on typical prom and graduation weekends involve alcohol.  We are committed to providing all Prom going juniors and seniors with a safe, supervised, and fun-filled all night celebration.  Our most important goal is to prevent losing our teens to the deadly mix of drugs, alcohol, and impaired driving at such a special time in their livesOur Post Prom is being coordinated with information from the Montgomery County Project Prom/Graduation Coalition.  This pdf from the Virginia Department of Education gives important information about the value and importance of Post Prom events.

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