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Under the Sea  2023
Join us May 12th 2023
Sponsored by State Farm, The Town of Poolesville, and the Collaboration Council

Check out more information on the fun and prizes that are planned for this event!

This information was emailed to all registered students.

EVENT LOCATION: Poolesville High School, Poolesville  Md 20837

EVENT TIMING: Friday May 12th 11:30pm-3:30 am 

Before registering please read our FAQs page for more information about the event.




Post Prom will be very different this year…without a Prom, but it will be a great night in the forest – Markoffs Forest to be exact!  This event is exclusively for PHS Junior and Seniors!


Just a few things to know about the event:


​Students will need to park, or be dropped off, at PHS


Volunteers will be wearing blue tie dyed shirts – always ask them if you need help throughout the event!


Please arrive by11:30PM to have the best experience at this event! Students do not need to attend the prom in order to attend post prom !


There will be 3 activity areas– you won’t want to miss any of them so arrive on time!

·         Carnival Games, Prizes, Bonfires & Markoffs forest!

·         Laser Tag, Zipline & Giant Swing

·         Concessions, Comedy & Photo Booth


You will be required to sign in and out of the event.  Please bring a school ID (or state issued ID) to expedite check in.  Once you sign out you may NOT return to the event.


This event is ONLY for PHS Juniors and Seniors – we apologize for any disappointment but underclassman and students from other schools may not attend this event.


Attire is comfortable casual.  The entire event will take place OUTSIDE.  Please wear comfortable (flat, close-toed) shoes and dress for the weather (layers and windbreaker, if necessary).  Please dress for the season and terrain (wooded trails, muddy fields, etc).  Note that the day time high is 73 degrees for Saturday. But we will be out after dark, so the temperature could dip into the high 40s. So please dress accordingly.


No bags will be necessary. Any bag brought will be subject to search at the entry. Also, small bags for necessary personal items can be checked at the entrance and stored at the DJ Booth in the Carnival area to be accessed during the event if necessary so you will not need to carry them around with you.


IMPORTANT! WAIVERS ARE REQUIRED AND ARE DUE Thursday, May 13th, 2021 – STUDENTS WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO ATTEND WITHOUT WAIVERS COMPLETED BY 05/13/21. Yes that’s tomorrow. So please complete ASAP! Please fill out SEPARATE WAIVERS for each student.


NOTE: Each person will need to submit THREE waivers in order to be admitted into the event!


1] PTSA waiver

  • If the student is 18 or over on May 7, 2021, they may sign the adult waiver.

  • If the student is under 18 on May 7, 2021, the parent or guardian will need to sign the student-parent waiver.  Students MUST have parents sign the waiver if they are under 18 or they will not be permitted into the event.

The PTSA waiver is an editable form that requires a digital signature. Just fill that out and email your completed form to

2] General Calleva  Waiver  - Select GroupID 2021 PHS Post Prom -


3] Calleva Covid Waiver- Select GroupID 2021 PHS Post Prom -


NOTE: The Calleva Waiver is a standard waiver that they use it is not specific to our event – so some wording will not be relevant to our event. Also there is an auto response that you will receive from Calleva that will tell you to bring a reusable water bottle – that is not the case, all beverages and snacks will be provided at the event NONE may be brought in.


If you have any trouble with the forms, or have any questions, please contact us ASAP


Finally - please watch your school email for information about registering for our Jeapardy game this Friday presented by SADD and UPN - we will have several prizes from the Post Prom prize list that can be won at this event! Simply register and fill out a quick survey to be entered to win!

There will be zero tolerance for alcohol and drugs. Montgomery County police will be present to assist us if there is an incident.

We look forward to an amazing "Night in the Forest" with our PHS Juniors and Seniors for Post Prom 2021!

Have more questions? 


If you have any trouble with the forms, or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information


PHS 2021

Post Prom Committee


Please contact us at with any questions.

  • Post Prom Chair: Cheryl Booth

  • Post Prom Student Chair: Trisha Raghuram

  • Event Coordinator: Rocio Salas

  • Substance Abuse Awareness Campaign Coordinator: Cheryl Booth

  • Fundraising Committee: Lynn Schaeber

  • Food Committee: TBD

  • Raffle & Prize Committee: Smitha Menon

  • Volunteer Committee: TBD

  • Event Games Coordinator: Bobbi Rohde

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